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Inside OFX with CEO Skander Malcolm

FXC Intelligence CEO Daniel Webber interviewed Skander Malcolm, CEO of OFX. Access the full interview below:
Please note each submission request for a copy will be reviewed by FXC Intelligence. OFX CEO Interview Skander Malcolm
The last five years have been challenging for OFX but since Skander Malcolm, a former GE executive took over in early 2017, the company has seen a significant turnaround and the company’s share price has risen alongside this. The interview covers a range of topics
  • How to find the right positioning in a crowded market
  • How to segment your customer base
  • How to get the most from your Net Promoter Scores
  • Which input and output metrics to focus on
  • How OFX is building trust and what it means
  • How OFX is approaching both North America and Asia
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