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Last week we met some of you at Point Zero Forum in Zurich, Switzerland, for an engaging event packed with thought-provoking discussions and networking.
Banks have seen a number of developments related to cross-border payments in H1 2024. We take a closer look at some of the bigger announcements.
Revolut has published its FY 2023 results, showing a company that is increasingly seeing strong performance.
Last week, South African remittances player Mama Money announced it was launching a WhatsApp-based virtual card and banking service.
The FedNow instant payments system welcomes its first anniversary in July – but how are banks doing on adoption and what challenges remain?
For the last 18 months, the Reserve Bank of India has been publishing data on cross-border payments from the country using credit cards, debit cards and prepaid payment instruments, including digital wallets. We dig into the data to uncover key trends.
Prior to news that it was seeking an updated valuation, Revolut added a number of new features. We compare its feature set to competitors.
On 18 June, remittances player Small World formally entered special administration; analysis of our pricing data provides a sense of how this played out.
Corpay is acquiring B2B cross-border business GPS Capital Markets in a boost to its Corporate Payments division. Group President Mark Frey explains.
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