Sales enablement platform

Underpinned by FXC Intelligence’s industry-leading cross-border payments data, our sales enablement platform provides the tools to build revenue and volume.

In payments and beyond, cross-border commercial processes tend to be slow, complicated and constricted by regulation. Our sales enablement platform is here to help. Underpinned by FXC Intelligence’s industry-leading cross-border payments data and expertise, our platform provides enhanced sales enablement and gives enterprises the tools to build revenue and volume.

The sales enablement platform to improve your commercial processes 

Whether you are looking to streamline the processes of a large team, introduce automation to high-volume and complex sales cycles or embed sophisticated pricing expertise into your commercial process, FXC Intelligence’s sales enablement platform can help.

Here’s some of the ways our platform can help your team:

  • Gain insights into clients and prospects
  • Build rich, data-driven strategies
  • Get real-time alerts on market shifts and pricing changes
  • Improve the accuracy of your pricing
  • Speed up time to close
  • Grow revenue and automate forecasting
  • Standardize data used to inform business operations and strategies
  • Improve visibility into commercial processes and generate a feedback loop
  • Optimize team operations

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Powered by industry-leading cross-border payments data and expertise

Our sales enablement platform is custom-built for every team’s specific needs, but in all cases it integrates FXC Intelligence’s rich, highly granular data and deep expertise on cross-border business and payments. 

Underpinning some of the world’s best-known companies’ global payments strategies, FXC Intelligence data is the trusted source for the industry. We provide strategic insights, expertise and awareness that is critical to go-to-market initiatives and long-term strategies, and we bring the same industry-defining acuity to our platform.

Enhance the work of teams across your organization

Our sales enablement platform is designed to add value to multiple teams at all stages of proposal development, from the earliest pre-sale initiatives to the full proposal delivery and beyond. 

Here’s how it can help multiple teams at different stages of the commercial process:

1. Go to market, pricing guidance and pre-sales

Teams impacted: Sales support; network management; treasury

At this stage, our platform provides a standardized source of truth across network capabilities, costs and pricing guidance.

2. Proposal creation

Teams impacted: Business development; treasury

Here the platform provides faster proposal creation, aided by deep insights into both the market at specific prospects while eliminating confusion over specific offerings.

3. Commercial analysis

Teams impacted: Implementation; finance; treasury; strategy; pricing

Our platform gives you rich analytics across your proposals, as well as providing standardized customer outputs, deal summaries and financial overviews.

Our sales enablement platform can be customized to meet the needs of a wide variety of team structures, use cases and industries.

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