FX Pricing Data

Tracking price fluctuations in real time, benchmarking yourself against peers, gaining competitive insights into a changing market – these are just a few of the ways our pricing data is being used by the industry’s leading players. FXC Intelligence has been tracking the prices of international payments longer and more regularly than any other firm in the market.

Our live and historic datasets provide rich insights into pricing and speeds across over 25,000 corridors, covering more than 1,500 providers across over 110 countries.

We also provide granular information about the capabilities of different providers, including across funding and disbursement, as well as market size and share. Our datasets cover a wide range of customer types, including C2C and C2B; B2B and B2C; and B2B2X. 

We are continually building new datasets across global payments – please get in touch to find out about our latest data.

Our datasets

FXC Intelligence currently tracks how much is charged across the world by major banks and payment companies for international transfers and cross-border transactions, as well as their funding and disbursement capabilities and the sizes and shares of the markets they operate in.

Some of our datasets are updated every hour, giving you up-to-date insight into the prices being offered along major currency corridors.

This data is collected using a variety of proprietary methods.

In addition to exchange rate, we supply a full range of data points for each payment provider and bank, including margin, any additional transfer fees, transfer speed and more. For full technical details regarding our API endpoints or leveraging our online data portal, please contact us.

What do we cover?

Our pricing, capabilities, transfer speed and market sizing data is truly global. We currently track over 1,500 banks/payment companies across 25,000+ currency corridors globally. We also offer high-frequency historical datasets on all the data above as well. Please contact us for a full list of the  datasets and providers we cover.

Accessing our data

There are two primary ways to access our data – directly via our pricing APIs or through our interactive, online portal. Our APIs facilitate direct access to large quantities of data for technical analysis or integration into a website or app, while our portal allows for easy access to market pricing overviews and pre-formatted data tables. For more information, please contact us directly at sales@fxcintel.com.

Case Study 1

A leading payments company required daily market tracking

The situation:

  • A global payments firm required stable, accurate ongoing data tracking the FX payments market on a global scale for the leading banks and payments companies.
  • The company required a direct integration to their systems.

How we helped:

  • We provide ongoing pricing and strategy data covering thousands of corridors every day allowing the company to adapt its GTM strategy daily.

Case Study 2

A major industry player needed to refine their marketing

The situation:

  • A global payments company was looking to update the marketing claims they were making to customers.
  • In particular, they required up-to-date data on their savings versus banks in key markets where they operate.

How we helped:

  • We provided benchmarking data for the leading banks in multiple countries, across a wide range of currency corridors, to integrate into their marketing material and website.

Example Pricing Data Clients

Ready to get started? Contact us at sales@fxcintel.com

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