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Alternative payment methods are seeing growing adoption in money transfers, and push-to-card is also seeing significant growth.
Receiving rates are often far less well known than sending rates, and when discussed are often assumed to be a significantly more expensive option.
The last few months have seen a flurry of new intercontinental launches for money transfer and remittances players.
Countries around the world are changing their payment infrastructure in an attempt to make cross-border payments faster, easier and safer in 2023.
This year starts in an environment quite different from that of January 2022. Here are our predictions for the cross-border payments industry in 2023.
Macroeconomic and geopolitical headwinds have had a large impact on the remittances sector in 2022 but there have also been several positive shifts.
Ecommerce had a mixed year in 2022, marked by an economic downturn and continuing Covid restrictions in some countries.
Despite an economic slowdown in 2022, several leading providers of consumer money transfers saw sustained (if slower) growth this year
2022 has been a year of tumult for much of the payments industry, but the B2B space has provided opportunities for growth and expansion
While some banks have seen increased profitability this year, macroeconomic events such as Russian sanctions have had an impact on many banks’ services.
It has been a hard year for cryptocurrency, with the ongoing crypto winter seeing prices crash and companies struggle through layoffs and stock dips
Understanding the value of a business account in different territories can help to guide operations and provide indicators on a sector’s competitiveness.
One way many cross-border payments companies are seeking to maximise their marketing efforts is through sponsorships with major sporting brands.
In the second half of the year, most companies relevant to the cross-border payments space have seen their share prices start to bounce back.
In a new report developed in partnership with Currencycloud, we explore the role of partnering for fintechs.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday have proved strong for ecommerce once more, despite high inflation, according to Shopify insights.
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