Cross‑border price engine

FXC Intelligence’s cross-border pricing engine is designed to serve as a powerful, scalable solution to your pricing needs.

Pricing in the cross-border payments industry can be challenging. Not only is the space often highly competitive, but gaining detailed, up-to-date insights into how competitors are pricing, as well as developing an effective price strategy, can be tough.

FXC Intelligence’s cross-border price engine is designed to serve as a powerful, scalable solution to your pricing needs, helping you formulate responsive and effective price strategies based on your unique market position.

A price engine to give you the edge in cross-border payments

Our cross-border price engine is powered by our highly granular real-time industry data, and is tailored to the specific customer types, demands and strategies of each company we work with. 

Offering various levels of integration and automation, it can be used to increase the sophistication of your pricing strategies, resulting in better performance within the market, while reducing the workloads of your internal teams. 

Services offered through our cross-border price engine are selected based on the specific needs of each company, and can be built up over time. These can include:

  • Price recommendations and modelling for alternative pricing strategies across different formats or platforms
  • Advanced price models focusing on growth or profitability of individual customers
  • The ability to optimise prices for target customer groups across ranks and segments.

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Trusted data from the cross-border payment industry’s leading provider

As the sole industry specialist for cross-border payments data, intelligence and software, as well as the leading provider of global payments data, we are uniquely placed to provide trusted data to underpin your price decisions and strategies.

Our client base includes many of the world’s biggest cross-border payments companies, including Mastercard, MoneyGram, Remitly, Visa, Western Union and WorldRemit. It also includes leading banks such as HSBC, Lloyds Bank and JP Morgan, and industry bodies such as Swift, the World Bank and the Financial Stability Board.

Not only is our cross-border payments data and intelligence used to underpin the strategies of a wide range of industry players, but we are also a key thought leader in the sector, providing the widest-read and most respected trade publication in the industry, across our weekly newsletter and reports. 

Designed to suit the price needs of a broad range of companies

Our cross-border price engine is designed to suit the needs of companies across a wide range of positions within the industry, from direct customer facing organisations to those serving other financial institutions, payment companies and marketplaces. 

FXC Intelligence’s cross-border price engine can be integrated in a variety of ways to provide the best possible support for your company’s pricing goals. 

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