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FXCintel is a specialized data firm led by experts from both the financial and technology sector.

As first movers in the international payments space, we bring expertise to the table that is unsurpassed by competitors. FXCintel evolved when we began collecting unique data on the international payments space seven years ago through our international payments platform FXcompared. Since then, we have been continuing to collect unique data from this and many other sources.

The International Payments industry has rapidly developed in recent years – driven by technology, consolidation, outside venture capital and private equity.  The industry has moved to a place where high grade data and the sharpest business intelligence is critical for management teams and employees to succeed in a far more competitive, and growing, environment

Through FXCintel’s portal, users can access analysis based on thousands of different data sources that provide the most accurate, contextual picture of the international payments space.

Management Team

Daniel Webber

Founder, CEO 

Dan Spiegel


Ian Manns

Head of Data & Research

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