Card Pricing Data

Credit and debit card transaction pricing data and analytics with a database of over 750 banks, 100 countries and 10,000 individual payment cards.

We have built a unique, standardised global dataset for the payment card industry. We track the costs of making domestic and cross-border transactions using credit and debit cards. We can deliver the data in any format for a wide variety of use cases.

Example Use Cases

There is a range of ways banks, payment companies, marketplaces, ecommerce companies and hedge funds/investors can use the data:

  • Optimise margins / pricing for cross-border transactions
  • Optimise DCC/MCC pricing when cards are used internationally
  • Adapt products to new regulations (e.g. EU Regulation 2019/518 or CBPR2)
  • Price new card products or updates
  • Benchmark against your competitors.

Please contact us for full discussion on the use cases and details of the data. providers we cover.

Delivery of the data

The process of collecting, verifying and harmonising this data is complex. We offer a consistent easy-to-use standardised dataset that can be tailored to the specific use case.

We can deliver to clients pricing decisions outputs or where requested underlying granular data on each card. We can supply the data via API, CSVs or other formats as required.

For data samples, please contact us directly at

For more information on FX payment pricing for banks and payment companies, see our detailed page here.

Example Pricing Data Clients

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