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As Remitly prepared to make its public debut in an IPO on the Nasdaq, how is it performing and how does it compare to to its competitors?
A report for online sellers, marketplaces and payment service providers exploring the Amazon PSP Program and the wider ecommerce landscape.
Payoneer CEO Scott Galit discusses the company's Q2 2021 results with FXC Intelligence's Daniel Webber.
CEO Mike Massaro discusses Flywire's Q2 2021 results with FXC Intelligence's Daniel Webber.
Intermex CEO Robert Lisy builds on the company's Q2 2021 results in conversation with Daniel Webber.
Western Union CFO Raj Agrawal discusses the sale of Western Union Business Solutions and the company's refocus on consumer.
FXC Intelligence's Daniel Webber spoke to MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes about the company's record digital growth in its Q2 2021 earnings.
In a new report series, we're benchmarking a group of the leading remittance providers, focusing solely on how their mobile applications compare.
The Global State of Embedded Finance: Opportunities for the North American Payments Industry, looks at the current and future state of embedded finance.
Wise's direct listing announcement includes the most exhaustive financials in its history. Here we present a detailed teardown and competitor comparison.
Download the market map of the 100 biggest cross-border payment processors worldwide from FXC Intelligence.
Skander Malcolm, CEO of OFX, discusses the company's FY 2021 earnings and its B2B and enterprise transition with Daniel Webber, FXC Intelligence CEO.
Payoneer has released its first earnings numbers after going public via a SPAC. CEO Scott Galit discusses the Q1 2021 earnings and beyond.
Daniel Webber speaks to CEO Robert Lisy about Intermex's Q1 2021 earnings results and its future plans.
Daniel Webber discusses MoneyGram's Q1 2021 earnings and plans for the future with CEO Alex Holmes.
Daniel Webber discusses Western Union's Q1 2021 earnings with CFO Raj Agrawal.
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