Payment Industry Reports

For B2B payments players, the H1 2023 earnings season has been broadly positive.
We spoke to Mercedes pay MD and CEO Nico Kersten to find out how the company is making the car a device for payments.
B2B payments player Convera's CEO Patrick Gauthier and CCO Jennifer Parker share their insights into the company’s future plans post-WUBS acquisition.
This report explores how payments work on TikTok, how creators are paid compared with other social media platforms and the future payments landscape.
For payment processors, the Q2 2023 earnings season has been a far cry from the pandemic peaks, but generally positive.
The Q2 2023 earnings season has generally been positive for the C2C money transfers and remittances industry, but there are signs of changing strategies.
In March, a group of South African banks launched the PayShap real-time payment rail. The system could prove transformative but challenges remain.
PayPal has announced the launch of its own US dollar-backed stablecoin, PayPal USD, but what is the strategy and why might it matter for payments?
Payoneer’s Q2 23 earnings have seen the company perform strongly. CEO John Caplan and CFO Bea Ordonez discuss.
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