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The industry standard platform for cross-border payments data and intelligence, giving your organisation the market edge.

Our benchmarking, capabilities and market sizing data powers the industry. FXC clients include:

FXC Intelligence is a financial data company specialising in benchmarking and market sizing data and intelligence.

We help companies across international payments, ecommerce, crypto and cards gain an edge in the market with data and intelligence covering over 100 countries.

FXC Intelligence super-charges growth, informs insightful strategy and helps eliminate inefficiencies. Our cross-border payments data platform gives companies access how they want – be it through APIs, bespoke deliveries or our custom portal.

Why use FXC Intelligence


Grow your product range or geographical offering. Our platform gives you the data and intelligence to optimise your business for success, with the depth and breadth you need, delivered in the way that suits you best.


Tailor your offering to better optimise your revenue or combat operational efficiencies. Our data will allow you to fine-tune your go-to-market efforts and get more from your existing business lines.


Meet your compliance requirements with ease. Our data can help you benchmark your operations. We even track efforts at meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goal on remittance pricing.


Investing in a global payments company? Our data can play an integral part in your investment analysis.

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Every week we bring together our industry expertise and the latest insights from our global payments data to produce new insights, reports and analysis.

Influencer gifting: How much do creators make from token-based social media payments?

Influencer gifting, in particular in-app gifts, has gained increasing popularity. But how much money do creators receive from their followers’ payments?

What are 2023’s biggest trends for cross-border payments startups funding?

In this state of the industry report for 2023, we explore which types of cross-border payments startups have seen the most funding in 2023.

Western Union outpaced on digital money transfers

The last few quarters have seen Remitly and Wise begin to overtake WU in digital money transfers revenue, and in Q3 2023 this gap widened significantly.
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