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FXC Intelligence is a financial data company specializing in international payments, payment cards and ecommerce industries with a focus on pricing data.

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How it works

Source, clean & standardise data from multiple sources

We track all the companies in the international payment, ecommerce and card industry sectors, from banks to payment companies to marketplaces and corporates, adding new data every hour of every day from around the globe. We then clean, QA and standardise these diverse data sources, to create high-quality standardised datasets.

Track and validate all the data

Ensuring our data is of a high quality and accurate is a critical component of our work. We have quality assurance teams who work to track, report, test and validate our data continuously, to ensure it consistently meets the highest standards of reliability and useability.

Utilise our tools to react swiftly to the market and deliver rich analysis and insights

In addition to providing our data in a wide variety of formats, including via APIs and our webportal, we also provide strategic dashboards and automated signals on market and competitor movements. These enable our clients to quickly identify relevant trends or changes in the market adjusting their strategies, pricing or product offerings accordingly.

Why use FXC Intelligence


FXC Intelligence offers the FX Pricing data and APIs and benchmarking data for both banks and payments companies. We are the leaders in this field, having produced FX benchmarking products for five years with clients across the globe. This data feeds directly into the strategies and pricing engines of clients allowing them to make better and faster decisions.


We track virtually every bank and payments company across the globe. We analyse all the major drivers of these companies at  both a macro and micro level. We look at  what drives customer behaviour and how products should adapt accordingly. Our data and intelligence allows clients to build stronger models and predictions, providing context to validate your data and business model.


Our team of data scientists has created a range of market leading models built on top of our own unique data. Our insights and understanding of the sector helps client predict where the market is going and where their company is going. We help clients uncover better paths to growth and profitability.

In The Press

We are proud to be a trusted reference and source for many of the leading publications around the globe.

Payment Industry Insights

Our research team, underpinned by our own cross-border payments data, produces new insights and analysis on the sector every week.

Global remittance flows' rebound

The World Bank has published its latest numbers on global remittance flows, and all signs point to a strong rebound from 2020.

The real cost of cross-border card transactions

Approximately 45% of card programs charge a higher fee than what is reported in their issuer’s official T&Cs.

Trustly’s North America open banking play

Open banking is increasingly taking off in North America, and one company to see particular growth is Sweden’s Trustly.
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