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FXCintel is a business intelligence and data company with a unique focus on high quality, independent, real market data on the FX and International payments sector. 

Make better decisions by gaining valuable insights of the market. We provide context to validate your own data and business models – significantly improving performance. 


We combine our own proprietary data collected over many years with thousands of other datasets from around the globe.


Our team of analysts and data scientists pores over this data to build for you interactive tools answering the key questions any international payments companies, banks and investors may have.


Our platform enables users to predict future trends in the industry, optimise  pricing, explore new markets and understand consumer and corporate behaviour.

Why Use FXCintel?

Optimise Your Product & Pricing

FXCintel is a business intelligence and data company solely focused on high quality, independent, real market data on the International payments sector.

We provide frequently updated FX pricing and fee comparison data to support product and marketing initiatives and give holistic views of challengers in the marketplace to understand what products are being offered that may be influencing customers to switch providers.

Find New Customers  and Opportunities

We track and analyse more than 11,000 banks and 5,000 payment companies worldwide. We have linked together a very large database of these organizations in both major and unfamiliar territories, with a deep dive on their product offering, financial information, key customers served and currencies they buy and sell.

Together we’ll help you find new markets, new partners and new customers and help you understand how to deliver this growth.

Gain Insights on the Market

Our team of data scientists has created a range of machine learning models that provide unique and comprehensive data to allow you to enrich your knowledge of the marketplace and understand how a company can position themselves to drive growth and attract new customers.

What factors will drive performance? What scenarios are most likely to occur? We’ll help you answer those and many more questions.

Payment Industry Insights

Transfermate Sinead
Interview with Transfermate Co-founder Sinead Fitmaurice to talk payments, AIB investment, rails and their new product
IPO Payment Companies
Many of the current fintech players have been around for a decade or less and over the next five years, we expect to see a lot of exits as private equity or venture capital groups begin looking to cash out
We analyse employee and CEO trends in the International Payments industry - paying close attention to the C-suite.
new companies in europe
Following Moneygram's announcement that their European Headquarters will relocate from London to Brussels, FXCintel's data team takes a look at where other European headquarters may move.

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