Cross‑border payments market sizing data

FXC Intelligence offers highly granular market sizing datasets for the cross-border payments industry, providing the industry with essential operational data.

How big will the cross-border payments market be in a year, five years or even at the end of the decade? And what share of that market size will be taken by B2B, consumer and beyond?

FXC Intelligence’s market sizing data gives you granular insights about the total addressable global payments market now and in the future to enable you to make actionable strategic decisions that are tailored to your specific organisational needs.

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Market sizing data that gives you a clear picture of the cross-border payments industry

FXC Intelligence’s market size data shows that the cross-border payments industry as a whole will have a total market size of $190.1tn in 2023, rising by 53% to the end of the decade; however within this there will be considerable changes in the growth of individual segments, and within particular regions.

To find out how we can help your strategic priorities, and which granular cuts of our market sizing data are available, please get in touch.

Retail cross-border payments market size data: B2B and consumer insights

We specialise in detailed, highly granular market size data on non-wholesale cross-border payments, otherwise known as retail, which includes consumer-to-consumer and business payments size data.

Our consumer-to-consumer market sizing data includes:

  • Large consumer
  • Remittances

While our business payments data includes:

  • Large enterprise goods and services
  • SME/SMB goods and services
  • B2B ecommerce
  • B2C

We also provide market sizing data for consumer-to-business payments. For all our datasets, we provide highly granular cuts. Get in touch to find out more and how we can support your specific business needs.

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