Our complete archive of earnings articles

OFX’s FY 24 results saw the company unveil a long-term B2B-led strategy alongside positive yearly performance. We caught up with CEO Skander Malcolm.
Money transfers and remittances players saw growth and headwinds in Q1 2024 – we explore trends in the earnings results of money transfer providers.
dLocal’s Q1 2024 results included some strong positive notes, but faced a negative market reaction. We caught up with CEO Pedro Arnt to dig into the details.
Payoneer has reported a record quarterly increase in its Q1 2024 results. We caught up with CEO John Caplan to find out more.
Corpay, formerly Fleetcor, has seen its Q1 2024 growth driven by Corporate Payments’ performance. We learn more from Group President Mark Frey.
Remitly has reported record results in Q1 24, as the company continues to see market-leading growth. We learn more from CEO Matt Oppenheimer.
Intermex saw revenues rise in Q1 2024, meeting the lower end of expectations as the company reported softness across the the US-Mexico corridor.
US-based Flywire saw revenues rise by 21% YoY to $114.1m in Q1 2024, however changes to student admittance policies in Canada were a headwind.
Euronet (which owns Ria and Xe) was propelled by international transactions in Q1 2024, with particular strength from its Electronic Funds Transfer segment.
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