Payment Industry Research

Analysis Western Union digital business revenue, share of total consumer-to-consumer revenue and growth
The coronavirus pandemic made digital remittance rise. Where does Western Union fit within this latest trend?
Analysis Adyen and dLocal comparison and KPIs
dLocal raised $200m last week, reaching a $1.2bn valuation. We spoke to dLocal's CEO Sebastian Kanovich to discover the company's future strategy.
Analysis Multi-currency accounts offer across the world
As the world and commerce become more globalised, multi-currency accounts are becoming a core product extension around the globe.
Analysis TransferWise Revenue and Operating Margins for the financial year ending March 2020
TransferWise reported strong revenue growth for the year ending March 2020 despite margins remain low. Will an IPO be TransferWise's next move?
Analysis Major M&A deals in B2B cross-border payments
Last week, FLEETCOR acquired AFEX. We spoke to FLEETCOR's John Coughlin and Cambridge's Mark Frey to understand more about the acquisition.
Analysis Cross border payment banking integrations and APIs and global payments
We talked to Eyal Moldovan, Payoneer's General Manager, to understand more about cross-border payments as a service and the offer for banks.
Analysis Remittance players partnerships with mobile wallets across the world
Remittance players are increasingly adding mobile wallets as a payout method. What's driving this growth?
The 150 cross-border payment companies to watch in Global Payments. Our market map of the challengers - fintechs and startups - and the market incumbents
Analysis M&A cross-border payments
Will Western Union, Visa, Revolut and Fleetcor drive more M&A in the international payments market. Which money transfer companies may be acquired next?
Analysis Unit economics monzo revolut
How does revenue per customer and profit per customer compare for Revolut, Monzo and TransferWise? Will the digital banks make it in payments?
Analysis Visa Mastercard FX flows
Visa and Mastercard reported their Q2 2020 earnings. Whilst their share prices are up, international payments and FX revenue is still lagging behind
Analysis B2B Payment Companies
Argentex, Ebury, Western Union Business Solutions, Cambridge Global Payments and Alpha FX have all been competing for B2B Cross-Border payment clients
Analysis paypal q2 2020
PayPal's cross-border payments business grew in Q2 2020. Xoom digital money transfers grew strongly in Q2 2020 as well
Analysis WU MGI Ria Q2 earnings
Western Union, MoneyGram and Ria money transfer businesses all show signs of rebound. Remitly becomes a Unicorn led by PayU. Digital businesses grow in Q2 2020
Analysis Cross-border payments, mobile money wallets and payment network companies operating in Africa
Which opportunities does mobile money offer for cross-border payment companies? How can international payments to and from Africa be enhanced?
Analysis Cross-border payment companies owned by publicly listed parent companies
Which cross-border payment companies are owned by publicly listed players? What are the positives and the downsides?
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