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Analysis MoneyGram Money Transfer Revenue, Adjusted EBITDA and other metrics for the financial year 2019
MoneyGram's Q4 earnings forced the company to shed lights on its operations with Ripple. Is TransferWise going to catch Western Union up?
Reports Top 100 Mapping
Who are the 100 most important companies globally in cross-border payments? To receive a copy of our market map, please fill in your details.
Analysis Western Union's 2014 and 2019 revenue by geography and growth by geography
Western Union and Ria and XE 2019 full year results and insights. We analyse the financial results to understand the drivers of their performance.
Analysis Debit and pre-paid card products offered by cross-border payments companies
Debit and pre-paid cards are the natural product extension for many cross-border payment companies, as shown by the recent launch of Remitly's Passbook.
Analysis The EU regulation EC No. 2019/518 on cross-border payments aims at lowering the cost of euro payments within the eurozone and at improving pricing transparency
To lower the cost of Euro-denominated cross-border payments within the eurozone, the EU introduced the EC No. 2019/518 in April 2019. What does it imply?
Analysis PayPal 2019 earnings and cross-border payment volumes
PayPal reports strong 2019 earnings. Cross-border payments account for a smaller share of total payments. Xoom and PayPal margin analysis
Reports Currencycloud CEO Mike Laven interview on January 2020 $80m fundraise
FXC Intelligence CEO Daniel Webber interviewed Mike Laven, Currencycloud CEO. Access the full interview here.
Analysis Cost of credit and debit cards cross border
Don't believe all cross-border payments cost 3%. Our data on credit and debit card pricing in over 65 markets for Visa, Mastercard, Amex shows this is wrong
Reports Interview with Lucy Liu on Airwallex future strategy
FXC Intelligence CEO Daniel Webber and Research Analyst Valentina Vitali interviewed Lucy Liu, Airwallex co-Founder. Access the full interview here.
Visa continues to partner with fintechs in the financial services space. The acquisition of the bank connector Plaid is the latest investment.
Analysis Major players in the cross-border payments sector in China in January 2020
The view of Payoneer, PingPong and WorldFirst executives on growth and analysis in the Chinese cross-border payments sector.
Analysis Ripple valuation after $200 million mega-raise and value of Ripple total share of XRP
Ripple's valuation grows to $10bn after a $200m mega-raise, AlphaFX revenue grows for the fifth consecutive year in 2019 and Travelex is ransomed.
Analysis Key players using Open Banking in cross-border payments
Open Banking will make cross-border payments more accessible, democratise the access to consumers' data and change the way payments are initiated.
Reports 2020 Cross-Border Payment Trends
In 2019 M&A activity was strong, challengers grew to turn into incumbents soon and new pricing strategies emerged. What can we expect for 2020?
Analysis Major partnerships among Canadian banks and credit unions and international financial services companies in 2019
Recent major partnerships in Canada, EncoreFX's Libro credit union, Agility Forex and Central1, TransferWise and EQ Bank and Koho
Analysis Payoneer acquires optile, summary of the acquisition
Payoneer acquired optile to expand its capabilities within the payments sector. The company will offer checkout platforms in addition to its payouts services.
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