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Visa and Mastercard pricing can fluctuate widely day-to-day for some SEPA currency pairs, and this has implications for transparency compliance.
Western Union has announced a $200m investment in Saudi Arabia's STC Pay. We spoke to CEO Hikmet Ersek to find out more.
Analysis PIX payments Brazil
The Central Bank of Brazil has launched PIX, a system that allows payments to be processed in less than 10 seconds. We find out more.
This past week, OFX reported its results for the first half of the 2020/2021 financial year. We spoke with CEO Skander Malcolm for more insight.
HSBC has caught attention with its TransferWise rival, the Global Money Account. But what other products are banks using to rival fintechs?
Analysis intermex earnings
Intermex reported its quarterly earnings last week. We spoke to CEO Robert Lisy to understand more about the growth drivers and the future of the company.
Analysis payments stocks covid-19 vaccine
Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine sparked big moves in the global stock markets, but how did global payments stocks fare?
Analysis PayPal Q3 2020 Cross-Border Total Payments Value and Cross-Border as Share of Total Payments
The surge in ecommerce benefitted PayPal. Cross-border volume surged in the quarter, helped by Asia to the US and intra Europe flows.
Analysis World Bank's remittance flows in 2019 and forecast for 2020 and 2021
The World Bank updated its forecast for remittance flows in 2021. The decline will continue due to a weaker global economy but how strong will it really be?
Analysis Western Union, MoneyGram and Ria Q2 2016 - Q3 2020 revenue growth
Q3 revenues for the three incumbents rebounded in the quarter. Digital played a significant role in the uptick, while the cash to cash segments declined.
Analysis Mastercard and Visa cross-border volume Q3 2019 to Q3 2020
Although top line revenue declined for both companies, cross-border volume contracted at a slower pace during the quarter.
Analysis Moneycorp Revenue, EBITDA Margin and breakdown by segment from 2015 to 2020
Moneycorp group financials for 2020. B2B international payments account for a rising share of total revenue. Fedwire and APIs driving revenue plus US and Brazil
Analysis Mix of digital, digitally initiated and cash transactions by company as of Q2 2020
We spoke to the CEOs of six leading cross-border payments companies. We look at how cash and digital allowed these companies to adapt to the pandemic.
Analysis Amount of money raised per customer acquired for leading cross-border payment fintechs
How much of the funds raised by the leading cross-border payment fintechs is spent on acquiring each customer? Plus Argentex revenue shrink.
Reports Credit Suisse Payment Series FXC Intelligence
FXC Intelligence presented to Credit Suisse's investor community covering remittances, payment processors, emerging market trends and card networks
Analysis Account payable automation offer and international payments offer
We look at account payable management by speaking to Chen Amit, Co-Founder and CEO of Tipalti, and Vijay Ramnathan, President of MineralTree.
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