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Analysis economist_fxc_intelligence
How some of the biggest players from TransferWise to Western Union are treating the remittance and non-remittance corridors and pricing their products.
Analysis finablr_thumb
The holding company of UAE Exchange, Travelex, Unimoni announced its potential London IPO. What does a big IPO in the cross-border payments sector mean?
Reports FX Pricing Strategies Thumb
FX Pricing Strategies Report
April 10th, 2019
How to price in cross-border payments? Banks, payment companies, promotional money transfer pricing. Analysing the different pricing techniques in the sector
Analysis Unicorn Thumb
Five international payment companies have a chance to be the next Unicorn. Ebury, Flywire, Payoneer, WorldRemit and Remitly
Analysis Value of corporate customers
We analysed the value of corporate clients of leading cross-border payments players Alpha, Cambridge, Ebury & Western Union Business Solutions
Analysis mastercard transfast deal
Mastercard dropped their Earthport bid last week and plans to purchase Transfast instead. This instantly reduced the value of Earthport shares.
Analysis AML KYC
Compliance as a core competency. There are two sides to every story. On one side, news broke on Tuesday that a fraud allegation against Revolut
Reports regtech_report_cross-border
FXC Intelligence presents our first report on Regtech and International Payments. Access our report below:
What is the value of a digital money transfer business? Comparing Western Union, MoneyGram and TransferWise
Analysis jpm coin thumb
JP Morgan goes all in on blockchain. What impact will it have on cross border payments, currencies, Ripple and Swift
Analysis wu mgi ria finablr
MoneyGram, Euronet and Western Union all reported Q4 2018 numbers this week. We analyse the results and also look to the potential Finablr IPO later this year.
Analysis money transfer prices
A new standard for FX Pricing
February 7th, 2019
Our money transfer pricing analysis shows prices have not gone to zero and in fact wide variances remain from MoneyGram to Western Union
Analysis deals_cross_border
WorldFirst has abruptly closed its US business. We assume this move was to help get the Ant Financial deal. Why buy British or Canadian payment companies.
Analysis spotify
Revolut learns from Spotify's outdoor advertisements and enters the card perks game.
Analysis nps_price_payments
Digital banks are taking market share in the international money transfer space. N26 Revolut Monzo and Starling
As was first reported in December, Ant Financial was rumored to be purchasing WorldFirst for c.£550m (US$700m). We analyse a very interesting proposed deal.
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