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Remitly CEO Matt Oppenheimer Interview

FXC Intelligence CEO Daniel Webber interviewed Matt Oppenheimer, CEO of Remitly, following Remitly’s recent $220m fundraise. Access the full interview below:

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Remitly report

Remitly was founded in Seattle in 2011 and instantly took a different approach to growth by just focusing on one segment (US to Philippines) and one state. It’s annual flows are now tracking north of $6bn/year and it has served over a million customers.

Last week Remitly announced its giant $220m funding round. The discussion covered a range of topics:

  • How the new raised equity will be spent?
  • How to provide instant payments and the need for working capital
  • How building trust is the cornerstone of Remitly
  • What technology trends have meant for the business
  • What to make of Facebook’s Libra project
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