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FX Pricing Strategies Report

Pricing is the number one lever to impact profitability in many payments businesses. Due to the high level of competition across the sector, pricing correctly is critical and small changes have a big impact on margins. Please note, this report is no longer up to date and available. Please reference our FX Pricing Data for the most up to date information available. FX Pricing Strategies

Pricing Strategies in International Payments

In this report we share ten insights on the pricing strategies for cross-border payment companies. There is an increasing range of companies using unique pricing strategies, especially to compete with low price competitors. Understanding how to meet this challenge is critical. Our FX pricing data and APIs built over many years underpins these insights What we cover in the report:
  • Don’t price like Moneygram
  • Sometimes margins go up with volume
  • The pros and cons of introductory offers
  • Offering better FX margins for new customers
  • How to approach sending to India and Nigeria
  • The lack of understanding in FX and pricing terms among consumers
  • The discrepancies in FX Margins and strategies of US Banks
  • The difference in margins across the USD-Mexican Peso corridor
  • Sending direction matters
  • FX pricing variance can be large for the same receiving currency
FX pricing products and FX pricing APIs
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