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Currencycloud CEO Mike Laven Interview

FXC Intelligence’s CEO Daniel Webber interviewed Mike Laven, CEO of Currencycloud, to understand more about the recent fundraise and the future strategy of the company

Currencycloud Interview

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Interview with Currencycloud CEO Mike Laven on January 2020 fundraise

Currencycloud was founded in 2012. The company built a unique B2B offer based on modular APIs that allow other businesses to integrate cross-border payments into their platforms.

Currencycloud raised $80m in January 2020, with Visa being one of the main investors and also integrating Currencycloud’s technology into their own services. The discussion covered:

  • The concept of embedded finance
  • How Currencycloud model is unique
  • How the money from the recent fundraise will be used
  • What is Currencycloud strategy for the future
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