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On what differentiates Monese from other fintech companies and traditional banks. Pricing, product and bank accounts for expats.
FXC Intelligence CEO Daniel Webber recently sat down with Martin Griffiths, the Head of Fintech at Barclays Bank, to discuss the future of Banks, and their place in the Fintech world.
General abra_logo
Abra moves all in on Bitcoin
November 2nd, 2017
Daniel Webber, FXCintel's CEO, catches up with Bill Barhydt, CEO and Founder of Abra.
Reports vegas money2020 conference
Insights and report from the Money 20/20 payments conference in Las Vegas. Our takeaways from the event as some insights on cross-border payments, bitcoin and more.
General azimo ceo Michael Kent
Interview with Azimo CEO Michael Kent. Insights on new product, market, mobile and competitors of Azimo such as Moneygram and Western Union.
General bitcoin customer acceptance
While Transferwise and Circle have already embraced and then distanced themselves from bitcoin, payment processors such as Square and Stripe have helped enable wider consumer adoption.
General Mobile Acquisition
Customer acquisition is one of the key metrics for any company, and in the crowded international payments space, a smooth on-boarding process is crucial. Below we've mapped out how easy companies make it.
General Bank Re-Bundling
Payment companies expanding into traditional banking products is becoming a defining trend of the current international payments market.
General SME FX Risk
SMEs don’t understand FX hedging
September 14th, 2017
Competition in the SME sector of international payments has been heating up over the past year, as Transferwise and other new players have begun moving into this lucrative space.
General Indian Payments Market
What are the best ways to enter the Indian Payment market? Your competition is between is Western Union, UAE Exchange, Moneygram and others
General china payments
We review and research the leading payment companies and banks in China from WeChat, AliPay to Lianlian Pay.
General Payments Customer Experience
How to improve the customer on-boarding and payments experience in the money transfer space. We look at Transferwise, Circle Payments, Revolut, Moneycorp and others.
General Payment Company Pricing
How do fees and FX margins differ for payments company strategy. Transferwise fees, Western Union fees, Revolut no fee, Azimo fees and other players
General Inside Moneycorp's Transition to a Bank
Moneycorp goes from international payments and money transfer company to become a bank. We interview CEO Mark Horgan to understand the strategy and decisions behind this transition
General The most competitive currency corridors
What are the most competitive money transfer currency corridors. GBP to EUR, USD, AUD and other currencies.
General Transferwise Borderless Account FInancials
Transferwise launches its borderless account and looks more like a bank of the future. How will Transferwise transition from payments company to offering banking services
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