Payment Industry Research

Analysis IPO Payment Companies
Many of the current fintech players have been around for a decade or less and over the next five years, we expect to see a lot of exits as private equity or venture capital groups begin looking to cash out
We analyse employee and CEO trends in the International Payments industry - paying close attention to the C-suite.
Analysis new companies in europe
Following Moneygram's announcement that their European Headquarters will relocate from London to Brussels, FXCintel's data team takes a look at where other European headquarters may move.
General Ant Financial Moneygram bid
How might Ant Financial enter the international payments space after the failed Moneygram bid.
General Corporate Locator
New International payments opportunities for SMEs SMBs corporates are harder than ever to find. We'll help you find them.
General Revolut
Revolut-ionary? … maybe
December 7th, 2017
Free money transfers acquired the customers. Will cross-selling financial products make the money?
Analysis Football sponsorship money transfer
How will football cricket basketball and rugby sponsorship boost international payment companies marketing and customer acquisition. Liverpool, Western Union, Arsenal sponsorships.
Analysis Optimal pricing
Pricing is the biggest lever a business has to drive profitability. Our model helps companies optimise for profits and customers.
On what differentiates Monese from other fintech companies and traditional banks. Pricing, product and bank accounts for expats.
FXC Intelligence CEO Daniel Webber recently sat down with Martin Griffiths, the Head of Fintech at Barclays Bank, to discuss the future of Banks, and their place in the Fintech world.
General abra_logo
Abra moves all in on Bitcoin
November 2nd, 2017
Daniel Webber, FXCintel's CEO, catches up with Bill Barhydt, CEO and Founder of Abra.
Reports vegas money2020 conference
Insights and report from the Money 20/20 payments conference in Las Vegas. Our takeaways from the event as some insights on cross-border payments, bitcoin and more.
General azimo ceo Michael Kent
Interview with Azimo CEO Michael Kent. Insights on new product, market, mobile and competitors of Azimo such as Moneygram and Western Union.
General bitcoin customer acceptance
While Transferwise and Circle have already embraced and then distanced themselves from bitcoin, payment processors such as Square and Stripe have helped enable wider consumer adoption.
General Mobile Acquisition
Customer acquisition is one of the key metrics for any company, and in the crowded international payments space, a smooth on-boarding process is crucial. Below we've mapped out how easy companies make it.
General Bank Re-Bundling
Payment companies expanding into traditional banking products is becoming a defining trend of the current international payments market.
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