Payment Industry Research

Analysis paypal q2 2020
PayPal's cross-border payments business grew in Q2 2020. Xoom digital money transfers grew strongly in Q2 2020 as well
Analysis WU MGI Ria Q2 earnings
Western Union, MoneyGram and Ria money transfer businesses all show signs of rebound. Remitly becomes a Unicorn led by PayU. Digital businesses grow in Q2 2020
Analysis Cross-border payments, mobile money wallets and payment network companies operating in Africa
Which opportunities does mobile money offer for cross-border payment companies? How can international payments to and from Africa be enhanced?
Analysis Cross-border payment companies owned by publicly listed parent companies
Which cross-border payment companies are owned by publicly listed players? What are the positives and the downsides?
Analysis Cambridge Global Payments Revenue, Revenue Growth and EBITDA Margin 2016 - 2019
We look at how Cambridge Global Payments grew and increased profitability after Fleetcor acquired it in 2017
Analysis BIS roadmap to remove frictions in cross-border payments and focus areas
We look at the roadmap published by the BIS to remove frictions in cross-border payments. Will Travelex survive and remain a market leader?
Analysis Banking as a Service current offering in cross-border payments
A variety of players is emerging that offers fintechs and payment companies the possibility to offer banking products without being a bank.
Analysis Western Union and Moneygram number of press releases and their content in 2020
We analyse Moneygram and Western Union's press releases and their stock market changes. Does a press release impact valuation?
Analysis Fintechs and payment companies licences and interest bearing deposits offering
Do fintechs and international payment companies' need a banking licence for news product offerings. TransferWise offers banking products but isn't a bank.
Analysis Digital wallets offering in cross-border payments
Cross-Border Payments has received a digital boost and we look at the rising trend of digital wallets, a fast-growing segment of the market.
Analysis The impact of Wirecard on the Cross-Border Payments sector
As the fallout from Wirecard continues, we provide some first thoughts on what this means for the sector and on how it hits the fintechs.
WhatsApp Pay had to shut down just 10 days after launching in Brazil. Payments is a massive opportunity for big tech, but how will regulators react?
Analysis Largest cross-border fintechs and neobanks funding rounds in 2020
Raising money in a downturn
June 30th, 2020
Off the back of's successful funding round, we update you on the larger funding of 2020. There is a clear mix of growth and survival investing.
Analysis Western Union pricing premium over MoneyGram across corridors
We highlight the pricing premium aspect of the Western Union and MoneyGram deal. Also, we give an update on Finablr.
Analysis Digital banks and fintechs business offering and latest updates
Cross-border payments for businesses are a commodity service. Fintechs are improving their business offering as they look to expand.
Analysis Inbound remittance flows monthly year on year growth for Bangladesh, Pakistan and Mexico
The market of remittance has been highly volatile and strongly influenced by exchange rate fluctuations due to Covid-19. How will the year develop?
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