Daniel Webber

Founder & CEO
Daniel is Founder and CEO at FXC Intelligence. Daniel is a leading influencer in the global payments space internationally. He is frequently invited to speak at industry conferences and provide insights and data on the sector. Daniel is widely quoted across the sector including in The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Daniel is also a contributor for Forbes.com. FXC Intelligence's weekly industry newsletter is the most widely read in the international payments market.
Daniel Webber FXC Intelligence
In the latest in our Post-Earnings call series, we spoke to CEO Skander Malcolm about the company’s record-breaking FY 23 results.
Following Payoneer’s Q1 23 results, we spoke to new CEO John Caplan and new CFO Bea Ordonez about how customer their strategy is paying off.
Remitly has once again outperformed the market, with high growth and customer acquisition in Q1.
Following from Argentex's recent earnings, we spoke to CEO Harry Adams about key revenue drivers and its recent investments.
The world's 100 top cross-border payment companies in 2023, according to FXC Intelligence.
Following Wise’s trading update, we spoke to CFO Matt Briers and CPO Nilan Peiris about key revenue drivers for FY23 and the company's business product.
This week, I was at the inaugural in-person Fintech Meetup conference in Las Vegas, chairing a panel on how fintech is disrupting global B2B payments.
Intermex saw profitable growth last year, driven by its omnichannel approach to remittances and growing share in core markets
With high revenue retention and travel continuing to rise, software and payments platform Flywire has had a solid end to the year.
Payoneer’s FY 2022 results saw significant change for the company. We speak to CEO John Caplan and former CEO Scott Galit.
MoneyGram has made gains in digital remittances in 2022. We speak to CEO Alex Holmes about boosting digital services and market presence in 2023.
In the latest instalment in our Post-Earnings Call series, Remitly CEO Matt Oppenheimer talks about revenues and customer acquisition in 2022.
Kicking off the latest batch of entrants in our Post-Earnings Call series, we speak to Matt Briers, CFO of Wise, about the company’s Q3 2023 results.
Lumon has built a strong cross-border payments business through a build-and-buy strategy that has focused on a string of acquisitions. But what’s next?
In the second half of the year, most companies relevant to the cross-border payments space have seen their share prices start to bounce back.
In a new addition to our Post-Earnings Call series, we speak to Matt Briers, CFO of Wise, about the company’s continuing success in its H1 2023 results.
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