Crypto Pricing and Market Data

Our cryptocurrency pricing data helps both fiat and crypto-native players compete in this rapidly changing market.

From digital currency-based remittances to crypto ecommerce payments, cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming a vital and growing part of the payments mix. Our cryptocurrency pricing and market data helps both fiat and crypto-native players compete in this rapidly changing market.

Our cryptocurrency pricing and market data

Covering the major providers and regional players across the globe, our cryptocurrency pricing data tracks the full range of costs for crypto transactions, providing detailed and granular insights into the true costs of leading cryptocurrencies and their interactions with major fiat currencies.

Meanwhile, our market data provides in-depth insights into market size and market trends. With a quality assurance team reviewing every data point, we provide reliable, actionable data delivered as needed, including via custom APIs or our unique portal. We break out the full underlying economics of different types of crypto transactions, enabling organisations to accurate benchmark across different markets.

Our data is utilised both at a strategic level to provide deep, real-time intelligence on the crypto payments space, and also to shape pricing and other go-to-market initiatives.

Please get in touch to find out more about our latest data or to request a sample or demo.

Data use cases

Our cryptocurrency data can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Setting pricing and strategy for entering crypto markets and developing crypto products
  • Tracking the trends in the mix of payment methods by country and by exchange
  • Benchmarking transaction costs for both free-floating coins and stablecoins
  • Comparisons to fiat-to-fiat alternatives – we track 15,000 fiat-to-fiat corridors


Case study: How a leading technology platform uses our crypto data


The situation:

This leading big-tech company planned to expand into the consumer segment of the payments market and explore the crypto segment.

Our solution:

We provided very granular data on the major players in the market, including pricing data on capabilities and pricing for both fiat and crypto players. We continue to provide data across a range of payments requirements.

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