Cross‑border payments RFP platform

Our platform helps cross-border payments services buyers seamlessly navigate the request-for-proposal process, from development to decision.

Request-for-proposals (RFPs) are an essential means of procuring cross-border payments services across a wide range of company types, but they can be immensely complicated, challenging and time-consuming. 

Our platform helps cross-border payments services buyers – banks, payment companies, fintechs, marketplaces and other digital players – seamlessly navigate the RFP process, from development to decision.

Simplifying the RFP process for buyers of cross-border payment services

Buying cross-border payments services is a cumbersome and often challenging process. Individual companies need to reconcile their highly specific and complex needs with a wide range of industry services that are inconsistently communicated and not always clear in terms of capabilities. 

Such products are typically bought through formal RFP processes, however enacting that process can be highly time-consuming due to the levels of market knowledge and research required, and knowing what questions to ask can be a challenge.

FXC Intelligence’s RFP intelligence platform is designed to support this process by standardising the complex offerings across different providers and providing expert assistance and market knowledge.

Designed to work independently or alongside existing company-wide RFP processes or technology platforms, the platform enhances clarity on the products and services of each company, how they relate to the buyers’ specific needs and how they differ from each other. We can also help uncover specialist providers that companies may be unaware of.

These offerings are then framed against FXC’s broader cross-border payments data to give clients perspective across the industry. 

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Underpinned by FXC Intelligence’s industry-leading cross-border payments data and intelligence

Our RFP platform support is developed for each client using our highly detailed cross-border payments data and intelligence. As the leading provider globally of such data, we are uniquely positioned to provide detailed, reliable and expert insights into the products and capabilities of players across the market. 

As we focus entirely on global payments, we provide connections and industry knowledge that is both deep-rooted and regularly updated, and our strong connection to the changing industry is enriched by our regular reports and the publication of our weekly newsletter – the most-read in cross-border payments.

Designed to suit the needs of a wide range of company types

Our cross-border payments services RFP platform can be tailored to the unique requirements of your company, and is designed for a wide range of buyer types. These include:

  • Financial institutions and banks
  • Payment companies
  • Fintechs
  • Marketplaces 
  • Ecommerce players
  • Other corporates and non-financial institutions

We can tailor our services to meet a wide variety of team structures, licensing requirements and industry focuses. Get in touch to find out more about how we can support your RFP processes.

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