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NPS Benchmarking Report for UK Payment Companies

Net Promoter Score benchmarking is increasingly being utilised by international payment companies. We have gone out to the market to obtain benchmark NPS scores for the leading companies. Net Promoter Score Payment Companies

Contents of the Report

  1. Introduction and methodology
  2. NPS Scores and provider groups
  3. Reason for provider choice
  4. Transfer size
  5. Customer stickiness
  6. Individual provider overview: TransferWise
Data Tables included:
  • NPS by company
  • NPS by provider group
  • Reason for choosing by group
  • Size of last transfer by group
  • Use of other providers by group
  • Reasons to choose TransferWise
  • TransferWise users and other providers
  To purchase a copy of this report, please send an email to reports@fxcintel.com.  
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