Adeyanju Pinheiro-Aina

Business Analyst
Adeyanju is a Business Analyst at FXC Intelligence with a passion for data to derive insights and storytelling. Adeyanju’s quest to know what makes people tick birthed her passion and pursuit in the fintech payment space. Before joining FXC Intelligence, Adeyanju worked with Kantar where she focused on consumer insights. She has a Master's degree in Business Analytics from Manchester Metropolitan University.
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A growing fintech space; real-time payments; financial inclusion; and supporting government policies have created fertile ground for Nigeria’s digital economy.
Innovative fintech ecosystems; digital inclusion; real-time payments; and private sector investment are building India’s digital economy.
Remittances are a vital lifeline for many people in emerging markets, however their provision remains inconsistent and often expensive.
As finance increasingly digitalises, banks are exploring the prospect of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and what they could mean for payments.
A report exploring the current and future state of BNPL, in light of market downturns and the launch of Apple Pay Later.
Following an increase in illegal lending during the pandemic, Indonesia is trying to increase financial inclusion and boost the growth of digital banking.
Nigeria is experiencing a foreign exchange crisis, as FX scarcity drives up the cost of exchanging Naira into US dollars, particularly in the parallel market.
Neobanks have been transforming the financial landscape in many parts of the world, not least in major countries in Africa.
In January, Afreximbank launched PAPSS with 12 African central banks. Here's how it will increase cross-border payments capabilities within the continent.
2021 was the year that many payments companies began to seriously enter the cryptocurrency space.
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