Valentina Vitali

Research Analyst
Valentina is a former Research Analyst at FXC Intelligence, with a passion for the payments and fintech world. Being curious by nature, Valentina enjoys getting to the bottom of things and understand the true drivers of companies and the market. Before joining FXC Intelligence, Valentina completed a MSc in International Management at the University of Trento and worked in market research, focusing on payments.
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The impact of regulations on the disclosure of cross-border card payments to consumers.
Given the rise of Zelle, could card alternatives succeed for payments in Europe?
Highlights from the Women in Payments Symposium for the EMEA region – a great opportunity to meet inspiring women shaping the future of payments.
We have been closely following how the Russia-Ukraine conflict is impacting remittances to and from Ukraine.
A review of how the Russia-Ukraine war has impacted cross-border payments in the first week.
2021 has been another good year for ecommerce and the companies powering ecommerce payments.
How digital remittances have impacted the money transfers market in 2021 amid a wider bounceback.
We take a deep dive into how the cost of cross-border card transactions differ around the world.
Approximately 45% of card programs charge a higher fee than what is reported in their issuer’s official T&Cs.
Euronet’s revenue continued to grow in Q3 2021, reaching $816.6m and increasing 23% compared to the same period last year.
The central banks of India and Singapore have announced that the two country’s digital payment systems, Singapore’s PayNow and India's UPI, are to be linked.
Who are the 100 most important cross-border payment processors? Download our annual market map to find out.
A new wave of digital banks have launched to cater to the unique needs and challenges of migrant workers.
Intermex CEO Robert Lisy on what has driven revenue growth in the company's 2020 results, and the strategy for 2020 and beyond.
60% of card programmes charge a higher fee than what is reported in their issuer's official T&Cs.
PayPal released its Q4 and full year 2020 results last week and they make for happy shareholder reading.
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