Cristina Puscas

Associate Product Manager
Cristina is an Associate Product Manager at FXC Intelligence. She focuses on the key trends driving global payments such as the emergence of mobile money and mobile wallets the increasing use of dynamic pricing. Before joining FXC Intelligence, Cristina worked at a research consultancy. Cristina has a degree in Economics and Business from University College London.
Cristina Puscas FXC Intelligence
We track the different types of pegged currencies worldwide and explore how money transfer providers apply pricing to them.
Macroeconomic and geopolitical headwinds have had a large impact on the remittances sector in 2022 but there have also been several positive shifts.
How has Cuba fared in the eighteen months following the start of its currency reunification, known as Day Zero?
BFC, one of the leading money transfer and currency exchange companies in the Middle East, has exited the UK market.
Payment processing competition continues to rise and many of the fintechs in the space are rolling out new products to grow share and drive margins.
Interchange fees remain complex and poorly understood. Here’s a brief overview of what they are and why they matter.
Why Santander’s PagoFX failed
January 19th, 2022
Why Santander closed its money transfers company PagoFX just a year and a half after it first launched.
Over 2021, we have seen money transfer companies make significant developments in the B2B space.
Travel money’s reawakening
November 10th, 2021
Few segments of the cross-border payments industry have been worse-hit than travel money, but now companies are beginning to recover.
Consumer behaviour is increasingly shifting towards mobile applications. We explore additional user experience features around the money transfer process.
Consumer behaviour is increasingly shifting towards mobile applications for remittance. We explore payment-related features and the costs incurred.
Consumer behaviour is increasingly shifting towards the convenience of mobile applications for remittance, and companies need to keep up.
How much you pay to make cross-border payments by card can vary significantly depending on the currency you use.
What sender data do different remittance and money transfer apps need to make a transfer?
We take a look at the money transfer landscape across Asia, a region we track very closely in our datasets.
The biggest funding rounds in the first quarter of 2021 came from Stripe, and Rapyd, which boosted their valuations significantly.
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