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Report: Benchmarking Mobile Remittance Apps #1 – The registration journey and first transfer

Consumer behaviour is increasingly shifting towards the convenience of mobile applications for remittance, and companies need to keep up by providing a seamless and intuitive user experience. But are they measuring up?

In a new report series, we’re benchmarking a group of the leading money transfer providers, focusing solely on how their mobile applications compare. The first is focusing on the registration and transfer process – download it below.

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In Benchmarking Mobile Remittance Apps #1: The Registration Journey and Making the First Transfer

The overall goal of the report series is to compare different aspects of the process of remitting money abroad – the signup process, the transfer process and other features such as paying-in and paying-out capabilities, customer services features and costs. In this initial report, topics covered include:

  • How long does it take to register and make a transfer through remittance apps?
  • How many clicks?
  • What information is required to sign up and transfer money with a remittance provider? Sender KYC and recipient information.
  • Are users able to verify the fees and FX rates pre-signup?

Companies covered in this report are:

  • Moneygram
  • Ria
  • Western Union
  • Wise
  • WorldRemit
  • Xoom

Future reports will cover:

  • Report #2: Costs and payment features
  • Report #3: UX features

Our goal for these reports is that the data can be used across the industry as benchmarks for performance. 

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