Callum Tyndall

Senior Sub-Editor
Callum is a Senior Sub-Editor at FXC Intelligence, editing reports, news and analysis to support the company’s weekly content and client projects. Before joining FXC Intelligence, he worked as a B2B editor covering a broad range of topics, including energy, packaging and the food and beverage industries. He has a BA in English and American Literature from the University of Kent.
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The world’s 100 top cross-border payment companies in 2024, according to FXC Intelligence.
We explore the key details of Advent International’s deal to take Nuvei private and what it means for Nuvei going forward.
In 2021 and 2023, we reviewed the ratings of major money transfers players across app stores and Trustpilot. But how much have these changed?
Payment processors are starting to find a new normal, but belt-tightening made for a challenging FY 23. We look at key trends among publicly traded players.
MoneyGram’s sponsorship of F1 team Haas has provided a key marketing opportunity, but how much of a benefit has Netflix series Drive to Survive provided?
Social media platforms are a key part of how brands communicate with their customers. But how are B2B cross-border payments players using social media?
High-profile sponsorships from Visa, Cash App, MoneyGram and Airwallex have brought increased attention to F1 for the cross-border payments industry.
Last week, CEO Alex Chriss unveiled PayPal’s new AI-led strategy in a First Look event. But how do the products unveiled change PayPal’s plans?
As we enter 2024, how much has dedollarisation occurred in cross-border payments, and how much is the yuan seeing a gain from the dollar?
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