Cross-border payment forecasts for 2019

Cross-border payment forecasts for 2019

2019 is going to be very different to 2018. We know that much.

A big 2018 thank you to all our clients who, like us, love data and make this all worthwhile. We look forward to working with many more of you in 2019.

As our last note of the year, below are five and a half thoughts to consider over your Christmas pudding…


1. Should you focus on growth or profit?

More funding, more competition. Should you seek growth or margin?

Growth or profit for international payments


2. How should you change your pricing?

Most people’s pricing is still wrong. So much is left on the table and pricing is still the biggest lever in your business.

Much more to come from us for pricing products for 2019. Stay tuned.

pricing optimisation for payments


3. Should you become more like a bank?

The process to re-bundle the bank is well and truly underway. How far should you go? Can your payments team deliver savings or credit products?

re-bundle the bank


4. Can you find enough business customers?

Will you be able to economically find the business customers that really have an FX need and who haven’t already been called by 25 other providers?

Our smart lead products in 2019 will be focusing on one thing – identifying FX need.


5. Will you have a new owner next year?

Western Union Business Solutions should have a new home and a number of the companies below will be at their typical five year private equity hold periods.

private equity ownership cross-border payments


5 1/2. And what about some of the incumbents we’ve covered? Can they survive in their current form?

MGI stock decline 2018

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