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Western Union CFO Raj Agrawal: Conversation with Daniel Webber on Q1 2021 earnings

FXC Intelligence’s Daniel Webber spoke to Raj Agrawal, CFO of Western Union, about the company’s Q1 2021 earnings results and its plans for the future.

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In Daniel Webber’s conversation with Raj Agrawal on Western Union’s Q1 2021 results

After a stronger-than-expected 2020, Western Union has continued its run into Q1 2021, with digital in particular driving overall growth – cross-border principal grew 28% and revenue grew 2%.

The headline is in digital money transfer revenues, which grew 45%, while WU.com grew for the fourth consecutive quarter.

But as the prospect of the world reopening becomes increasingly real, how is the rise of digital changing the market for Western Union, and what can we expect for the rest of the year?

Topics covered:

  • Drivers of cross-border principal growth
  • The digital customer
  • Speed and real-time transfers
  • White labels and the WU platform
  • New financial services offerings
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