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OFX’s Post-Covid Bounce Back: CEO Skander Malcolm on H1 2022 earnings

In the latest report in our Post-Earnings Call Series, OFX CEO Skander Malcolm discusses the company’s strong H1 2022 results and future plans. Download it here.

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In ‘OFX’s Post-Covid Bounce Back’

Despite facing tough headwinds during the pandemic, OFX has had a strong recovery in H1 2022, with a 20% revenue increase to AUD$74m and a 27% climb in net operating income. Turnover also grew 34% to $15bn, while underlying EBITDA jumped 88% to $20m.

Numbers bounced back across the business. Consumer, which saw a significant pandemic drop, saw revenue grow 28%, while corporate increased 16%. The relatively small enterprise segment, meanwhile, climbed 41%. Online sellers saw the slowest growth – typical of ecommerce across the market – although outside of Asia saw 14% growth.

How has each segment achieved growth, and what are the strategies to continue this going forward? Daniel Webber spoke to CEO Skander Malcolm to find out.

Topics covered:

  • OFX’s return to growth
  • Growing the high-value consumer segment
  • Competing in the highly competitive coporate space
  • Evolving positioning for online sellers
  • OFX’s approach to enterprise
  • Building network and infrastructure strength
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