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Flywire’s Growing Opportunity: CEO Mike Massaro on Q3 2021 earnings

In the latest report in our Post-Earnings Call Series, Flywire CEO Mike Massaro discusses the company’s strong Q3 2021 results and future plans. Download it here.

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In ‘Flywire’s Growing Opportunity’

Flywire’s Q3 2021 earnings, the second since its IPO, have seen the company continue its strong run of growth since its public debut. Its revenue has increased 61% year-on-year to $67.8m, while its adjusted EBITDA rose 73% to $17.6m. Total payment volume also increased 76% to $5.3bn.

Given these strong results, and the growing opportunities in its four total addressable markets –education, healthcare, travel and B2B –  what opportunities lie ahead and how does Flywire plan to build on its success?

Daniel Webber spoke to CEO Mike Massaro to learn more about Flywire’s future plans.

Topics covered:

  • Contributors to Flywire’s revenue growth
  • Travel’s return as a growth driver
  • The UK market opportunity
  • Why domestic payments is critical to Flywire
  • Flywire’s technology and market differentiation
  • Understanding true network quality and strength
  • Flywire’s approach to B2B payments
  • Future expansion plans
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