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The 2021 Cross-Border Payments 100

Who are the 100 most important cross-border payment companies? Download our annual market map to find out.
Please note each submission request for a copy of the report will be reviewed by FXC Intelligence. You will be sent the report within 2 working days if your request is accepted; it will not automatically download.

How we decided on The 2021 Cross-Border Payments 100

To make our list, companies have to fulfill certain criteria:
  1. Be of a certain scale. This is not a startup or VC list (there are lots of those). This is also not a challengers list (we have one of those too).
  2. Companies don’t have to have raised outside funds, but they must have an established customer base.
  3. Cross-border payments must either be the primary activity (many payment companies) or a substantial revenue line (certain banks, payment processors or card companies).
And our sense check…If we removed the company, would it have a meaningful impact on the sector? We track over 14,000 players in the space making this 100 the cream of the crop.
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