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Western Union CFO Raj Agrawal: Conversation with Daniel Webber on FY 2020 earnings

FXC Intelligence’s Daniel Webber spoke to Raj Agrawal, CFO of Western Union, about the company’s FY 2020 earnings results, digital focus and future plans.
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In Daniel Webber’s conversation with Western Union CFO Raj Agrawal

2020 hasn’t been an easy year for many companies in the remittance space, but Western Union has still posted strong year-end results.

The headline-catching number for Western Union in 2020 is the $10bn in cross-border principal it added through the year, driven by its digital business. This is against the context of a pandemic-shrunk market, down 7% according to the World Bank.

Amidst a changing – and increasingly digital – climate, Western Union has been tasked with maintaining and growing its presence around the world and becoming a platform. But how did it achieve its 2020 results, and what lies ahead?

FXC Intelligence CEO Daniel Webber had a detailed discussion with Western Union CFO Raj Agrawal to find out more.

Topics covered:

  • Drivers of cross-border principal growth
  • The growth in account-to-account customers
  • Western Union as a platform for banks and fintechs
  • Walmart and exclusive vs non-exclusive agent relationships
  • Digital and total customer counts
  • The mobile wallet opportunity
  • Trends in pricing

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