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The 2021 Cross-Border Payment Processors 100

Who are the 100 most important cross-border payment processors? Download our annual market map to find out.

Please note each submission request for a copy of the report will be reviewed by FXC Intelligence.

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How we decided on The 2021 Cross-Border Payment Processors 100

The companies, which are grouped by their headquarters country, were selected based on the following:

  • Whether they process payments and/or provide merchant acquirer or merchant aggregator services, rather than just payment acceptance services.
  • Whether they process payments in-house – instead of through a partnership or joint venture.
  • Whether they have a significant cross-border offering.
  • Their presence in various industry sources as incumbents in the payment processors space, based on key metrics, eg amount of transactions processed. 

And our sense check is always the following: if any player above was no longer operating in the space, would the sector notice? For everyone above, we believe the answer is yes.

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