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Building a Money Service Business in the US

Yesterday, we released a report developed in partnership with Monex USA, looking at the challenges of finding success in the US as a Money Services Business and how partnering can help. You can get your copy on Monex USA’s website.

The report, Succeeding in the US as a Money Service Business: The Value of Partnering, looks at how the US landscape differs from other parts of the world, and what pitfalls companies face in accessing this market.

Key topics include:

  • The US landscape – the state of the market and future developments
  • FX in the US – differences with the rest of the world, changing levels of cross-border literacy and B2B FX demand
  • Selling in the US – cultural differences to Europe, challenges in gaining access and the importance of having a US base
  • The regulatory environment – licences, combatting financial crime and key strategies for compliance
  • Partnering in the US – why partner and where technology plays a role

Download Succeeding in the US as a Money Service Business from Monex USA

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