Payments stocks react to Covid-19 vaccine

Payments stocks react to Covid-19 vaccine

Monday 9 November saw significant stock market moves following the news that a Covid-19 vaccine candidate developed by Pfizer and BioNTech was 90% effective in interim clinical trial results. How did the news impact the payments world?

payments stocks covid-19 vaccine

For companies that have benefited from lockdown, such as Peloton, Zoom and Netflix, this led to stark drops, but for payments companies it has been a story of two halves.

While those serving travel, consumer and B2B cross-border payments have seen their value surge on the prospect of international travel (and life) returning to normal, ecommerce companies saw their values drop as investors anticipated a slump in online spending. 

Of course, these are just interim results for a vaccine that still has to undergo several regulatory and manufacturing steps. However, it does provide a sense of how the market may adjust post-pandemic. 

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