Introducing the first remittances market sizing dataset in half a decade

Introducing the first remittances market sizing dataset in half a decade

We are regularly asked for market sizing figures to go alongside our pricing data and market intelligence. Those who have been in the industry for a while also know how hard it is to find data on this, especially at the corridor level. Many industry players are still using figures from the (now-discontinued) World Bank bilateral matrix last published in 2018 (for 2017 data).

This is why we’re especially excited to introduce our new global payments dataset, which tracks the size of consumer cross-border remittance flows at both the corridor and market level. The dataset covers over 9,000 corridors, from 2010 to present day (2022). 

Sending flows in cross-border payments' top 1,000 corridors
Sending flows by corridor size, high to low, in 2021

We’ll be sharing more insights from this dataset over time, but one thing that immediately struck us was the movement that has occurred in corridor size and rankings over the last five years. Below is a chart showing the rank of the top 100 corridors globally in 2017 (left-hand side), and their corresponding rank in 2021 (right-hand side). Even within the top 10 corridors we’ve seen some drop out and new ones enter, and the movement only increases as you keep zooming out. And there are now 12 new corridors into the top 100 compared to 2017.

Key changes in corridor size rank, 2017-2021
Change in top 100 corridor rank by size of bilateral consumer remittance flows

If you’ve been using old data to make key decisions and guide your product launches, you may not only be misallocating budget – you may be missing key corridors opportunities entirely. Get in touch to find out more about the data! 

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