Cross-border e-commerce during Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Cross-border e-commerce during Black Friday/Cyber Monday

In 2020, we’ve seen a surge in e-commerce as a result of Covid-19, shelter-in-place orders and local lockdowns. 

This trend certainly continued through Black Friday and Cyber Monday – in the US ecommerce sales rose 22% and 16% year on year (YoY) respectively according to Adobe Analytics. When it comes to cross-border e-commerce, this has seen some outsized gains across the world.

These jumps in cross-border e-commerce are good for card issuers and/or those merchants in a position to capture cross-border fees at the checkout. Our global pricing data for cross-border card payments shows that there is a significant margin available here that varies considerably depending on a consumer’s country and card programme. These charges can eclipse 10% in certain countries for certain transactions.

For more information about optimising cross-border card pricing, get in touch.

Discover how card pricing varies across countries and issuers.

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