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The 2021 Cross-Border Ecommerce Market Map

What is the state of the cross-border ecommerce landscape in 2021? We map out the key players across each market. To download the free map of the top 100 players in the cross-border ecommmerce space, please complete the form below.

Please note each submission request for a copy of the map will be reviewed by FXC Intelligence. You will be sent the map within 2 working days if your request is accepted; it will not automatically download.

How we compiled the 2021 Cross-Border Ecommerce 100

FXC Intelligence’s 2021 Cross-border Ecommerce Top 100 list includes what we consider the largest players in the world that fulfill cross-border customers with goods and/or services (ranked by estimated fraction of revenue linked to cross-border activity by sector).

We have assessed all of these players’ checkout experiences with regards to currency payment options as well as their international fulfillment capability. Two-thirds of the Top 100 still do not provide customers with an option of what currency they would like to pay in. However, this varies across regions and sectors:

  • It is much more common for firms in Europe and Asia to offer their customers currency option choices than it is in North America, where it is very rare.
  • Similarly it is much more common for firms in the travel, retail or marketplace sectors to offer their customers currency choice options than firms in the technology, mobility, or education and freelancing sectors.

This is just the beginning. We will be uncovering new data such as the different cross-border customer ecommerce checkout experiences and how the payments are processed by leading players such as Payoneer, Pingpong or many others.

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