Valentina Vitali

Research Analyst
Valentina is a Research Analyst at FXC Intelligence, with a passion for the payments and fintech world. Being curious by nature, Valentina enjoys getting to the bottom of things and understand the true drivers of companies and the market. In her work at FXC Intelligence, Valentina does this every day through the analysis of data and by creating stories around it. Before joining FXC Intelligence, Valentina completed a MSc in International Management at the University of Trento and worked in market research, focusing on payments.
How mobile money wallets are having an impact on the remittances industry, following a report by GSMA.
Covid-19 may have increased cross-border e-commerce, but it has also prompted a rise in costs for consumers. Here's how.
Whilst both companies are fintech unicorns TransferWise and Payoneer are eyeing the public markets, where they will be up against the whales.
We’ve seen a surge in e-commerce as a result of Covid-19 and local lockdowns – and this certainly continued with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
We take a deep dive into remittance trends in Africa following a conversation with Nicolas Vonthron, Mama Money's CEO.
Visa and Mastercard pricing can fluctuate widely day-to-day for some SEPA currency pairs, and this has implications for transparency compliance.
This past week, OFX reported its results for the first half of the 2020/2021 financial year. We spoke with CEO Skander Malcolm for more insight.
Intermex reported its quarterly earnings last week. We spoke to CEO Robert Lisy to understand more about the growth drivers and the future of the company.
As the world and commerce become more globalised, multi-currency accounts are becoming a core product extension around the globe.
TransferWise reported strong revenue growth for the year ending March 2020 despite margins remain low. Will an IPO be TransferWise's next move?
We talked to Eyal Moldovan, Payoneer's General Manager, to understand more about cross-border payments as a service and the offer for banks.
Western Union, MoneyGram and Ria money transfer businesses all show signs of rebound. Remitly becomes a Unicorn led by PayU. Digital businesses grow in Q2 2020
Which opportunities does mobile money offer for cross-border payment companies? How can international payments to and from Africa be enhanced?
Which cross-border payment companies are owned by publicly listed players? What are the positives and the downsides?
We look at the roadmap published by the BIS to remove frictions in cross-border payments. Will Travelex survive and remain a market leader?
Do fintechs and international payment companies' need a banking licence for news product offerings. TransferWise offers banking products but isn't a bank.
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