Daniel Webber

Founder & CEO
Daniel is Founder and CEO at FXC Intelligence. Daniel is a leading influencer in the global payments space internationally. He is frequently invited to speak at industry conferences and provide insights and data on the sector. Daniel is widely quoted across the sector including in The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Daniel is also a contributor for Forbes.com. FXC Intelligence's weekly industry newsletter is the most widely read in the international payments market.
In our latest in the Post-Earnings Call Series, Daniel Webber speaks to Flywire CEO Mike Massaro about the company's Q3 2021 growth and future plans.
Western Union CFO Raj Agrawal discusses the company's future plans and Q3 2021 earnings with Daniel Webber, as part of our Post-Earnings Call Series.
Visa Direct’s future plans
November 8th, 2021
Visa Direct, the payments distribution network of Visa, has significant plans to expand
How much does Facebook's blockchain-based money transfers platform Novi challenge established remittance players?
Money20/20 US big takeaways
November 1st, 2021
The main themes from Money20/20 US were a little different to its counterpart event in Europe.
TrueLayer’s $130m investment from Tiger Global Management and Stripe has given the company a $1bn+ valuation for the first time.
The highlights from Money20/20 Europe 2021, including key announcements from the cross-border payments industry.
Emerging markets-focused B2B ecommerce platform dLocal released its first public earnings quarter this past week.
Which public companies have the highest valuation multiples in the cross-border payments sector.
Payoneer CEO Scott Galit discusses the company's Q2 2021 results with FXC Intelligence's Daniel Webber.
CEO Mike Massaro discusses Flywire's Q2 2021 results with FXC Intelligence's Daniel Webber.
Intermex CEO Robert Lisy builds on the company's Q2 2021 results in conversation with Daniel Webber.
Western Union CFO Raj Agrawal discusses the sale of Western Union Business Solutions and the company's refocus on consumer.
FXC Intelligence's Daniel Webber spoke to MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes about the company's record digital growth in its Q2 2021 earnings.
Railsbank CEO Nigel Verdon on growth following the company's latest funding round and how he sees its role in embedded finance.
Digital money transfer platform Azimo has published its FY 2020 results, showing year-on-year revenue growth of 32% but increased losses.
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