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We take a deep dive into how the cost of cross-border card transactions differ around the world.
Big opportunities lie in connecting the African continent and supporting within-region, cross-border ecommerce.
Wise ups expectations for FY 22
December 6th, 2021
Despite having released its Q2 22 results in October, Wise has put out its half-yearly numbers, which provide an improved FY 22 projection.
ACE Money Transfer's CEO on the unique qualities of the Pakistan remittance landscape and the shift to 100% digital amid the pandemic.
The World Bank has published its latest numbers on global remittance flows, and all signs point to a strong rebound from 2020.
Approximately 45% of card programs charge a higher fee than what is reported in their issuer’s official T&Cs.
Open banking is increasingly taking off in North America, and one company to see particular growth is Sweden’s Trustly.
The big public remittances companies' run of ever-improving quarters following the pandemic dried up in Q3 2021.
China's 11.11 Festival, also known as Singles Day, is one of the biggest dates on the global ecommerce calendar.
PayPal has posted its Q3 2021 results and was in part a victim of its own recent success.
Travel money’s reawakening
November 10th, 2021
Few segments of the cross-border payments industry have been worse-hit than travel money, but now companies are beginning to recover.
Visa and Mastercard have both published their calendar Q3 2021 earnings results, which for Visa is Q4 2021. Here's the cross-border highlights.
Visa Direct’s future plans
November 8th, 2021
Visa Direct, the payments distribution network of Visa, has significant plans to expand
Euronet’s revenue continued to grow in Q3 2021, reaching $816.6m and increasing 23% compared to the same period last year.
Santander has reported its Q3 21 results, providing an update about its digital subsidiary PagoNxt.
How much does Facebook's blockchain-based money transfers platform Novi challenge established remittance players?
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