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Pricing strategy is often one of the biggest hurdles for payments companies, but machine learning can help overcome that.
The economic opportunities in Africa extend far beyond remittances.
FXC Intelligence CEO Daniel Webber sat down with Singapore based TransferTo CEO, Eric Barbier. Eric shed some light on what makes TransferTo unique in the busy money transfer space.
Last week, Equistone, a European private equity firm, announced it is acquiring Small World Financial for an undisclosed amount. With revenues over £110m, Equistone has bought themselves a strong platform on which to build a significant remittance player.
Oftentimes, consumers think of banks when they think of forward contracts, but many non-bank currency providers offer forward contracts to their customers.
The big three English speaking markets of the UK, US, and Australia are for consumer and corporate FX are very different.
Many of the current fintech players have been around for a decade or less and over the next five years, we expect to see a lot of exits as private equity or venture capital groups begin looking to cash out
We analyse employee and CEO trends in the International Payments industry - paying close attention to the C-suite.
Following Moneygram's announcement that their European Headquarters will relocate from London to Brussels, FXCintel's data team takes a look at where other European headquarters may move.
How will football cricket basketball and rugby sponsorship boost international payment companies marketing and customer acquisition. Liverpool, Western Union, Arsenal sponsorships.
Pricing is the biggest lever a business has to drive profitability. Our model helps companies optimise for profits and customers.
Managing risk in FX and payments requires detailed analysis of exchange rates, market conditions and a company's situation.
Research and insights into the latest trends in the international payments sector. Technology, investment and competition.
The emerging trends in cross border payments including technology, bitcoin, P2P and the changing competitive dynamics.
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