Many recent developments in Southeast Asia have surrounded remittances, with a mix of players attempting to tap into flows worth billions across the region.
This week saw the publication of a pair of reports from the Financial Stability Board that have landmark implications for the cross-border payments industry.
A review of growth rates across cross-border payments’ three main areas shows that B2B payments is consistently growing at the strongest rate.
Despite a steady decline in the sector since TerraUSD lost its peg, cross-border payments projects involving stablecoins have continued in 2023.
Stripe has published its full-year 2022 earnings for its Dublin-headquartered division, providing detailed information about the company’s performance.
For B2B payments players, the H1 2023 earnings season has been broadly positive.
Payoneer has had its first-ever Investor Day, providing unprecedented insights into how the company is approaching its future growth.
Banks form AI partnerships in 2023
September 25th, 2023
Banks are continuing to develop AI payment solutions through partnerships, investment and, in some cases, acquisitions in 2023.
As part of Sibos, Swift announced two partnerships that speak to the organisation’s future strategy: one with Wise Platform and another with Visa.