As we enter 2024, how much has dedollarisation occurred in cross-border payments, and how much is the yuan seeing a gain from the dollar?
Singapore is one of the biggest cities in the world for cross-border payments companies, but who are its key players? We look at MPI licence holders.
At the end of 2023, Blackstone announced a definitive agreement to acquire Sony Payment Services, a rare payment acquisition for the private equity major.
HSBC has launched Zing, a new multicurrency and money transfers product designed to rival Wise and Revolut. We look at how Zing’s offering compares.
Consumer remittance pricing is one of our central data products. Through this, we are able to determine which countries cost the least to send to across 2023.
Cross-border payments is set to see a year of development, change and evolution in 2024. Here are some main trends shaping the space in 2024.
2023 has presented a tougher economic climate than previous years for many, however the money transfers space has largely seen a positive year.
2023 has presented headwinds for some companies, but B2B cross-border payments has for the most part seen a strong year .
In light of a challenging 2023, we look at the share price performance of the main publicly traded companies in cross-border payments.