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Payment Industry Analysis

This month the prospect of a PayPal-owned stablecoin emerged after a developer discovered mention of PayPal Coin, including a logo, in the company’s app.
Nium’s plans for B2B growth
January 24th, 2022
Nium is increasingly making waves as a payments and ecommerce player. CEO Prajit Nanu explains how it is approaching the market.
An analysis of Wise's growth and its sustainability across both its personal and business segments.
Why Santander’s PagoFX failed
January 19th, 2022
Why Santander closed its money transfers company PagoFX just a year and a half after it first launched.
The organisations powering cross-border payments for some of the world's biggest creator economy companies.
The cross-border payments companies most likely to IPO in 2022, according to FXC Intelligence.
Cryptocurrency is increasingly being used for remittances, but regulations in the top sending and receiving countries may post a challenge.
Our predictions for the cross-border payments trends in 2022, covering remittances, cryptocurrency, B2B payments, ecommerce and more.
OFX CEO Skander Malcolm discusses the company's acquisition of Canadian B2B money transfers company Firma with FXC Intelligence's Daniel Webber.
Over 2021, we have seen money transfer companies make significant developments in the B2B space.
2021 has been another good year for ecommerce and the companies powering ecommerce payments.
2021 was the year that many payments companies began to seriously enter the cryptocurrency space.
How digital remittances have impacted the money transfers market in 2021 amid a wider bounceback.
With 2021 almost at an end, we’re now in a position to review the share price performance of cross-border payments’ biggest publicly listed companies.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday have once again proved extremely strong for ecommerce, but how has cross-border fared?
Key recent changes to the payments industry in China over the course of 2021, including AliPay, UnionPay and WeChat Pay.
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