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Payment Companies

Payment companies are experiencing a boom, with major acquisitions happening every day. Companies are consolidating and growing while simultaneously looking for new markets.  

As competition increases, understanding your company’s performance against competitors will be critical to success.

Example Clients: Azimo, Currencies Direct, Moneycorp, Ripple


Banks offering international payments are facing a range of challenges – many of which are new and brought on by the booming money transfer industry. High regulation, a push for transparency and an onslaught of new technology from startups have changed the international payments industry.

With our products, Banks can:

  • Optimize their pricing and product
  • Better position themselves against other banks and new challengers in the international money transfer market
  • Enhance and further develop their product offering

Example Clients: Bank of Ireland, Lloyds Bank

Investment Firms

Considering investing in the International Payments space?

Our team can help Investment Firms increase the return on their investments through direct and indirect use of our tailored payments market data and insights.

Potential examples include:

  • Investments in fintech companies with a blockchain focus
  • Fintech with a focus on customers with sophisticated foreign exchange needs
  • Commercial due diligence

Example Clients: European Private Equity Firm, New York Private Equity Firm


Analysing and interpreting the trends within the international payments helps governments and regulators understand how to plan for the future. 

There are new technologies emerging all the time and new customer use cases. Ensuring a deep understanding of the behaviour of organisations within the space as well as the overall context of the market allows better decision making by central authorities.

Example Clients: Financial Conduct Authority


Looking to size the market, predict future scenarios and advise your clients in the payments in space. Using real data and the most accurate estimations provided will lead to higher value add for clients. 

Our product allows a consultancy in the payments space to become an expert in the international payments space. 

Our Trusted Clients are Leaders in the Industry

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