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Portal Application

The FXCintel portal is designed to help financial decision makers easily navigate the overwhelming amounts of data available on the international payments industry. Features include:

  • Pricing and Benchmarking for the Banks and non-Banks across major currency corridors
  • FX flows and market share metrics
  • Insights into consumer and corporate behaviour
  • Intelligence on the product offerings of the competition, both domestically and internationally

Market Share Tracker

Using our own unmatched intelligence and relationships in these markets, FXCtrack is a vital management tool for any payments company, bank or currency broker involved in servicing customers with international payments and FX needs.

It will allow you to assess how you are performing against the market as a whole. For example:
– Are you growing faster than the market or specific market segment?
– How are you performing compared to your peers?
– What was the effect on market share of any strategy or product change you implemented?

International Money  Transfer Index

The International Money Transfer IndexTM (IMTITM) is independently produced by FXCintel. This index provides data on the costs of bank to bank money transfers, across a large range of values.

Our Index can help:

  • Provide a continually up to date comparison that can be linked via API.
  • Offer a comparison, which takes into account the pricing curve (i.e. the cost to transfer for higher amounts and by currency pair).
  • Is in line with advertising and comparison best practices.
  • Can be used in both online and offline materials.

Bespoke Research

Our team of analysts and data scientists are able to provide specialist research and advice to answer specific questions about the international payments market or an organisations performance.

The unique combination of our domain knowledge and relationships within the international payments space and our analytic and research capabilities give us a unique edge to help your organisation prosper.

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